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Unloc App

All your keys in one place

The Unloc app allows you to open doors with your phone. Store all your mobile keys to different doors in one place, and get rid of physical keys, fobs and cards.

Open doors with your phone.
Share time-restricted and lasting mobile keys to others.
Get notified whenever someone uses a key to your door.

Join over 100,000 users and download the Unloc app.

Download the Unloc app
Download the Unloc app

Unloc Control Center

Manage access in real-time

Get a full overview of all your doors and properties, right from your browser.

  • Create, delete and manage access, keys and users centrally and at scale.
    Get an overview of who has entered the building and when.
    Send temporary keys to maintenance personnel and other third-parties.
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Unloc Doorbell

The mobile intercom

Unloc Doorbell is a mobile-first intercom that lets you connect with and open doors for visitors when they are outside - regardless of where you are.

Doorbell consists of a virtual, web-based user-flow and an elegant, physical plaque that can be put up at any door, at any location.

No expensive cabling and fancy panels.
No hassle when changing name tags.
No need to travel home to let people in.
No app needed.

Unloc API

One powerful API, endless use-cases

Businesses across a range of industries use Unloc’s APIs to integrate digital access and mobile keys directly into the software and tools they already use or offer to end-customers.

Learn more about our Integrator API and Service Provider API and start building today.

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The future of access management for your business

Transform your property management with keyless technology and start seeing immediate benefits like improved ESG performance and cost savings. Go keyless today and take the first step towards a more efficient, secure, and sustainable future.