The Unloc app

How to open doors and share keys

Unloc App is free to use!
You can get Unloc installed on your own door – See locks that we support.

One app for all keys

  • Doors within range will pop up at the bottom of the screen
  • Scan tag lets you scan door tags for instant opening
  • Add doors to favorites so you can find them quickly.

Opening a door

  • Stand close to the door and press open.
  • The door will open within 1-4 seconds.

Ready to enter

Share keys

  1. Press share in the bottom navigation.
  2. At the top of the screen, press Share keys.
  3. The receiver will get the keys immediately. They have to download Unloc on their phone to be able to use them.
  4. It's easy to check who you share keys to, manage or withdraw the keys at any time.

Choose the doors you want to share

  • Choose doors you share to share.
  • Pick one or more recepients with a phone number or from your contacts.
  • You decide if the keys are permanent (perfect for those you live with), optionally you can set start and end time, or a repeating weekly schedule.

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