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Intercom. Reimagined.

We understand the hassle with old intercom systems. 

With Unloc you can let people in anytime, from anywhere.

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  • No expensive cabling and fancy panels
  • No hassle when changing name tags
  • No need to travel home to let people in
  • No app needed
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How Unloc can work for you

Remove key hassle by embedding Unloc into your customer journey. Such as for fire risk assessments, tenant experiences, delivery fulfillment — or your own use case.

Happy tenants are good for business

In fact, 30% of tenants want to invest in removing key hassle.

By helping tenants get rid of keys and improve their experience in your buildings, you can retain customers and meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Enable your buildings today and make key management a breeze.

No more driving around with keys

Janitors, operators, and maintenance personnel are tired of wasting 120 hours per site each year driving around with keys.

Help them get rid of keys, and reduce the time, costs and stress. And we'll help you save money on operations.

Enable your buildings today.

No more failed deliveries

Your delivery people and customers are tired of wasting hundreds of hours each month on failed deliveries.

Help your delivery people get in every time. Use Unloc as default or fallback — in case customers are not available.

Reduce costs, empower your employees, and improve customer satisfaction.

You focus on the last mile. We'll fix the last inch.

Someone's life depends on you

Caretakers are terrified of not being able to help when it's critical.

Help caretakers spend time on what matters. Save time and reduce costs, by making sure people always get in.

Getting help when you need it is critical. Get rid of keys today.

No more key hassle

Your best customers hate wasting time.

Make life easier for your customers. Getting rid of keys reduces costs and improves the self-serving customer experience.

Enable your sites today.

“Unloc gives us a flexible and fast key management solution. In addition, the risk of losing keys is completely eliminated.”
Lars-Petter Pettersen
General Manager, Oxer Eiendom
"I used to sit for hours and code keycards. It was a big pain for us. We wanted to give our members an easier solution. What's easier than opening doors straight from your phone?"
Anine Willums Karp
Managing director, 567
"Unloc is integrated in our property management portal, which means that all administration can be done from our single tool. We are now introducing this to our residents in 50 000 apartments."
Johan Bruun
CEO, Usbl
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Life is better without keys. I already used my phone for payments. And now also to open doors.

Jesper Vik

Board member

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Go keyless with Unloc

What people say about us

“Our goal is that 200 000 of our managed apartments will use Unloc within five years.”

Daniel K. Siraj


"All our new builds and the 18 000 homes we manage will use Unloc within three years."

Torbjørn Sotberg


Get rid of keys

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