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Exivo system

Dormakaba Exivo solution that is connected to the internet. Accessible from everywhere with internet access. Communicates to a server placed either on site, or hosted by a cloud provider.

How to use with Unloc / Description:

Digital cylinders

Digital cylinders replace existing mechanical cylinders, which means there is no need for alterations to the door. Our digital cylinders are designed for interior and exterior use, and you can choose from a wide selection of styles. The high-quality, award-winning design adds a contemporary touch to your premises.

c-lever pro

This electronic fitting has a higher security class and is suitable for most interior and exterior doors. The award-winning design of the c-lever pro combines convenience and aesthetic appeal with security and functionality. It’s an eye-catching contemporary touch.

c-lever compact

Simple to retrofit – whatever your lock or door furniture. Its innovative design means that it can be installed upside down, which can be a bonus where space is tight. This convenient, compact solution is ideal for glass and interior doors.

Wall readers

Whether indoors or out, our access control readers are the ideal choice for automatic doors and motorised locks. We offer our wall readers in a range of designs – in black or white.

Door controllers and gateways

Our cutting-edge door controllers and gateways serve as routers and are responsible for controlling electronic door fittings Thanks to their sleek, compact design, they are virtually invisible.

The door controller, which connects to the online access control readers, is wired, while the gateway connects to the door components wirelessly. They connect to the exivo platform using the internet.

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