Unloc for

Commercial buildings

People want to use their phones. Let them.


"We have chosen Unloc because of their tech and user-friendliness. The biggest advantages for us are undoubtedly happy tenant and eliminating the hassle of lost keys."

Bjørn Bratt-Aanensen

Director of Commercial Property Management, Selvaag Eiendom

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Reduce workload

Let tenants self-serve

Tenants, staff and contractors can now let themselves in.
And you can choose which rights each of them get.

Learn how Døgnvill reduced costs with Unloc

Read the case

Tenants love simple tools

Make it easy for tenants

Mobile keys are one of the most requested solutions from tenants. Increase your tenant satisfaction with simple solutions that make their lives easier and more convenient.

Increase tenant experience
Reduce administration costs
Improve security and control

Software only

Works with all major access systems

You don't have to replace your existing locks and readers. Unloc works with what you have.

Need new hardware? We will help you find the hardware that works best for you.

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See what works with Unloc

Enhance building security

15-20% of key cards are
lost every year

Physical keys, fobs and cards can easily get lost, copied or stolen. Increase the security of your portfolio and provide safer buildings for your staff and tenants with mobile keys.

Unloc is end-to-end encrypted and we perform regular third party reviews to ensure top level security.

Unloc Doorbell

Let everyone ring your doorbell

Open doors for any visitor when they are outside. You can even set opening hours or dynamically change who is shown on the list.

No expensive cabling or fancy panels needed
No hassle when changing name tags
No app needed
Explore the new intercom

Get rid of costs. Get rid of keys.

Transform your property management with keyless technology and start seeing immediate benefits like cost savings and improved tenant satisfaction. Start your keyless journey today.