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"I save so much time by being able to share keys with external people from my phone, instead of having to go home to let them in, like I did before."

Atle Busch

Styreleder, Moafjæra 6

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A keyless, unified solution

One app for all doors and keys

Unloc works on all types of locks; entrance doors, garage gates, bike sheds, laundry rooms and even mailboxes.

As a board member, you are in control of who has access to what common doors in the Unloc Control Center. Residents get the mobile keys in the Unloc app, and use it to open doors and share keys to others.

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Benefits of Unloc in apartment buildings

More flexibility

No more staying at home to let in the electrician or elevator maintenance guy. Open remotely or share a time-limited keys to third-parties and others.

Increased safety

Reduce the number of keys in circulation and get an overview of who has access to the common doors. Mobile keys cannot be lost or copied.

Cut costs

Cut back on the number of new keys, fobs or cards ordered, and avoid the costs related to changing and maintaining common door cyllinders or legacy intercom systems.
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Life is better without keys. I already used my phone for payments. And now to also open doors.

Jesper Vik

Board member

"Our goal is that 80% of apartments we manage will use Unloc within a few years"

Daniel K. Siraj, CEO, OBOS

No more lost keys

The key to less board work

Residential boards use the Control Center to manage who has access to the enabled doors - residents, maintenance personnel and others - in real time and straight from the desktop.

Features include:

Create and retract keys to users.
Give or retract users the right to share keys with others from the app.
Time-stamped log of entries and overview of how many keys have been shared.

Unloc Doorbell

The next-gen intercom experience

Unloc Doorbell is a mobile-first intercom that lets you connect with and open doors for visitors when they are outside - regardless of where you are.

No expensive cabling or fancy panels needed.
No hassle when changing name tags.
No need to travel home to let people in.
No app needed.
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Success story

Housing Co-op’ Moafjæra 6

Housing Cooperative Moafjæra 6, saved 78 hours of board work by switching to mobile keys.

TOBB Nøkkelen, powered by Unloc, gave the board the flexibility of sharing keys as easy as sending a text message.

Read more about the experience of Board Chairman Atle Busch and the rest of the residents.

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Access integrations

Connect Unloc to any door

We support multiple digital locks

One of the benefits with Unloc is that it is compatible with over 30 different smartlock and access systems, so that you can choose the system that works best for your needs and budget.

With Unloc, the common- and apartment doors, garage gates, padlocks and mailboxes can be opened in one app — and administered in the same web application.

Unloc can be used on any door, and your physical keys can still be used.

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