What we do

Enabling people to open doors —
for everyone, everywhere

Our story

The future is keyless

If humanity designed physical access from scratch today, we would never come up with a system in which everyone has to carry around dozens of keys.

We use keys today only because we always used keys.
They’ve been around forever.
But keys are a relic that creates a lot of friction.

Unloc is a friction reduction company.

We envision a keyless future where you can open doors — for everyone, everywhere.

doors opened
monthly openings
lock integrations

Who we are

Meet the founders

Image of Kris Riise

Kris Riise


Kris is a self-taught programmer and entrepreneur. He dropped out of high school and worked various jobs at pig farms, bakeries and garbage trucks. He learned how to code, and built apps used by millions of people.

August Flatby


August has extensive programming and consulting experience. He holds multiple degrees in Electrical Engineering from NTNU and Computer Science from University of Washington.

Our investors

Backed by investors who share our vision for the future

Image of Joakim Skarborg

Joakim Skarborg

CEO at Novax

Image of Daniel Kjørberg Siraj

Daniel Kjørberg Siraj


Image of Anders Kvaåle

Anders Kvåle

Chairman at Spacemaker

Image of Fredrik Sidhagen

Fredrik Sidhagen

CEO at RCO Security