What we do

Enabling people to open doors —
for everyone, everywhere

The future is keyless

We do not own any locks or access control devices. Instead, we build software.

Today, Unloc represents Scandinavia’s largest network of keyless solutions, opening doors a million times every month. Thanks to our platform, our customers are able to open doors for everyone, everywhere. Without having to be experts in access control.

Before Unloc, the team spent 20+ years building enterprise software for millions of people.

"When I was suddenly faced with my grandma in emergency need, and who didn’t receive help because no one could access her home, I was set on a mission. Get rid of keys." — Kris Riise, founder CEO

The Unloc team is built up of people with backgrounds in technology, not locks or access. We have focused on developing complementing technology to what we saw as a highly fragmented and proprietary access industry. This focus has proven to add value for our customers who have documented both significant reductions of operational costs and increases in revenues.

Today, we serve more than 200 businesses and help them operate thousands of residential and commercial buildings. Our keyless network allows customers to automate workflows and processes, instead of having to manually manage keys. We are proud to read customers reviews on sites like Apple app store where we have record high rating of 4,8 out of 5 stars. This would never have been possible without our customers and partners who all agree — the future is keyless.