Top 5 reasons to add mobile keys to your customer offering

Jesper Vik
Head of Sales

Customer satisfaction is crucial for a successful business of any kind, it is also the key to creating a long lasting relationship with your customers. Read how to create value and ensure satisfied customers with Unloc.

Real Estate
October 4, 2023
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Many factors contribute to success, one of the most important and essential being satisfied and loyal customers. In a massive, fast changing market, where expectations for performance are increasing continuously — real estate developers have to come up with value-creating and innovative solutions for their customers.

In essence, the demand and wishes from today's tenants have changed. It is clear that modern and simplifying technology is on all customer groups' radar. Not only do you attract new customers by offering smart locks and mobile keys — you also increase the chance of existing customers remaining yours!

These are the five reasons why our partners choose to include Unloc in their customer offering:

1. Offer innovative solutions to your customers

The last decade digitalization has gained a significant role in most sectors, the real estate industry is no exception. Real estate developers are being challenged to think in new ways to increase efficiency, at the same time as they must keep up with consumers' increasing demands to new technology. Mobile keys contribute to a future oriented modernization of board work, at the same time as it removes friction for both boards and tenants. Big actors such as OBOS and Usbl are placing strong bets on innovation. Smart locks might be the easiest way to offer innovation and digitalization to tenants.

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2. Provide your customers with options

Unloc gathers all the different smart lock systems which traditionally operated with closed systems — into one open system. Many of our partners do not want to be locked into using just one provider — they want to offer freedom of choice to their customers so they can fulfill all needs across different doors and buildings. The neutral position of Unloc and its opportunity to integrate with different providers gives property owners, managers, housing associations, boards and tenants an unlimited range of options within one, single app.

"It was and still is an important premise for OBOS to ensure open standards and solutions which do not lock in the customers or limited the opportunity for further development. Our customers want freedom of choice."
— Henning Lunde, OBOS

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3. Mobile keys create greener cities

An increasing number of housing associations and property owners choose to collaborate with actors who focus on the three Ps: People, Planet, Profit. Therefore, big actors such as OBOS and Usbl have joined Unloc to create key concepts which not only create a new revenue stream through a subscription-based service, but also enable greener neighbourhoods and ensure better living conditions in buildings – for today and tomorrow. An example being delivery-related emissions during rush hour. With mobile keys, logistics companies can drive when there are few other cars on the road, and safely deliver packages inside the homes of customers, even when no one is home.

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4. The possibility of a new revenue stream

Administration of mobile keys through Unloc is a value-increasing service which end users are willing to pay for. Therefore, the price you pay for Unloc can be transferred to the end user, and you can choose to add a surcharge to create a new revenue stream. The service is built to be integrated into your existing product, in line with your profile. This means you become a provider of the service and can charge the product the way you wish. Of course, you can choose to incorporate the service into the price of your existing products – to focus solely on increased value for your customers.

5. Allow your customers to take part in the ecosystem for mobile keys

Unloc is building an ecosystem for mobile keys — not just for residents but also for others who can add value, such as logistics and service providers, craftsmen, and at-home and package deliveries. We have spoken to our partners and seen that handling of keys, or having to wait at home for a delivery, creates unwanted friction. The possibility of offering more freedom and flexibility to tenants as well as board members has played a large part in why our partners choose us — Unloc.

"Unloc allowed OBOS to play a central role in the value chain of our customers. We saw giants such as Amazon and Google considering getting control over customers' doors themselves – but this could be negative in many ways. With Unloc, we gain control over the ecosystem around their doors, but we are not the porter."
— Henning Lunde, OBOS

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