Introducing the Unloc Advisory Board

Veronica Borg
Marketing Manager

We are proud to announce that we have signed four talented and experienced real estate executives to the Unloc Advisory Board.

March 13, 2023
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Nobody can build a great business alone. It takes a village to raise a business. Regardless of the size of the organization, having access to high-quality external advice can enhance an organization’s odds of success. Therefore, we have formed our first advisory board.

Steve Jobs once said: “Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people”. There is no such thing as a solo entrepreneur, and if you want to innovate, you need to be able to collaborate.

Businesses often do so by putting together an advisory board: an external group of people that provide non binding strategic advice, knowledge and critical thinking to the management of an organization. Based on their experience and knowledge, the advisory board helps the organization gain new insights and advice by stimulating high-quality conversations.

The Unloc Advisory Board

We are proud to announce that we have signed four talented and experienced real estate executives to advise our sales and management team. They will provide strategic advice on how we can solve our customers’ pain points and needs in the best way possible. These talented professionals joining our advisory board, come with a solid track record from both the commercial and operational side of the real estate industry — and we are honored to have them join our board.

Introducing the Unloc Advisory Board:

As COO & DCE, Andy Belton worked with Exec colleagues from 2006 to 2022 to position Notting Hill Genesis as one of London’s leading housing associations. In his roving brief as COO, he held executive responsibility for the Group's operations and customer services for all tenures. Following the Notting Hill and Genesis merger in 2018, his exec remit included responsibility for IT, digital transformation and post-merger operational integration.

— Putting in place modern operational arrangements that will deliver a step-change in how the industry deals with its customers — in a way that meets government ambitions and is workable for stakeholders — is vital to the housing sector's continued success. I think Proptech has an important role to play in this step-change, and I was excited when Kris and his great team at Unloc asked me to join their advisory Board. For residential property operators, locks are a 'cost of doing business problem' that has long awaited a clever solution. I think Unloc brings a modern and scalable solution to the table, which has the potential to solve some age-old problems and deliver lots of spin-off benefits. — Andy Belton on on joining the Unloc Advisory Board.

Ashley Osborne is the CEO & Co-Founder of Du Val Group International. Du Val Group is committed to bringing greater transparency and efficiencies to the new build residential investment market. They disrupt the property industry by using innovative solutions and technology to deliver better outcomes for investors, developers, and communities. Ashley has over 17 years of experience from Colliers International, from roles such as Executive Director for International Properties and Head of UK Residential.

— The potential applications of the Unloc application are immense. Unloc brings true innovation to solve real-world problems and creates significant financial and environmental advancement. I am delighted to join the Advisory Board and be part of the Unloc journey as they bring real disruption to the real estate industry. — Ashley Osborne on joining the Unloc Advisory board.

Anna Mellqvist is the IT and Digitalization Director in Wilhelm AB, with the responsibility for the company's continued digitalization journey. Anna drives development issues in IT and digitalization and supports their strategic plans to help WiIhelm be at the forefront of technology.

Anna has a solid background in the field, and worked previously at ICA Sweden, where she had overall responsibility for driving development and transformation in IT, and at the same time developing the existing system solutions. Previously, she has also held various roles in IT at companies such as Swedish Match and Stena Rederi.

— To grow from a start-up to a wider market is a great challenge. There is great potential in Unloc to grow, and to support and advise them on their journey to scale will be a privilege for me. — Anna Mellqvist on joining the Unloc Advisory Board.

Having just stepped down as CEO of The UKAA, Dave Butler is currently fulfilling NED and Advisory roles across several companies and enjoying part-time retirement. His background includes 40 years leadership experience across multiple sectors from Property (Build to Rent, PRS, Retail and REITs) to Financial Services, Retail, and B2B, and a range of functions including Strategy, Tech and Change Management. Dave works with leaders and organizations to help improve clarity, execution and communication of strategy.  

— This opportunity offers the chance to work with a great management team to help bring real innovation to the market. — Dave Butler on joining the Unloc Advisory board.

Lene Fredborg is Head of Department in Denmark's largest energy company SEAS NVE, where they have a sole focus on the real estate industry as partners and how they can help the real estate industry in all areas within energy.

Previously, Lene has worked 20 years in Unik System Design in various roles within sales and project management of strategic development projects. For years, she has worked as Head of Consulting with responsibility for consultants, project managers, data specialists, communication, etc.

— I have worked in the real estate industry for 20 years and know that the industry is extremely complex. Unloc represents innovation in the industry. It’s more of an evolution than a revolution. Unloc works with respect for both the complexity and diversity of the real estate industry. They are very thorough and respectful of an established industry and the values ​​it represents, but at the same time with a focus on creating change, which is quite unique. I look forward to using my industry experience to help Unloc spread the solution in Denmark, and being a part of something new that I'm certain will grow big over time. — Lene Fredborg on joining the Unloc Advisory Board.

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the Unloc Advisory Board — coming soon!

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