Efficient key management with mobile keys

Nadine Berge
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Mobile keys make life easier for property owners, by simplifying and effectivizing key management and distribution.

Real Estate
November 24, 2022
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Using traditional access systems and administering physical keys is a time-consuming and inefficient task for property owners. All distribution requires you to send someone to be where the keys are handed off and picked up. This takes up hours of work that could be spent on other important tasks. Save valuable time by switching to mobile keys.

If service personnel, such as a plumber, is at a property without access — the property owner is in charge of getting the right keys out to them. This often means someone from their office needs to wait at the property while the service personnel finishes their job, so that they can lock up afterwards. This could happen unannounced, and at the worst possible time.

Service personnel sometimes collect the necessary keys from a property owners office themselves. However, this is also time-consuming for everyone involved. The plumber will have to go back and forth between locations. The property manager has to spend time on signing out the right keys, and tracking them down to collect after the work is done.

With physical access systems, property owners are also in charge of collecting and sharing keys with tenants or residents who move in and out. They are also often responsible for replacing keys when they are lost, and a tenant or resident can't get into their property. This is another common scenario that means someone from the property owners offices has to drive out to a property.

When using digital systems, a fault or error on a property can be reported with a pre-registered maintenance worker —  who automatically will be sent a mobile key to the property. The same can be done when a tenancy contract is signed online, there can be an automatic creation of a mobile key that is active from the move-in date.

By working with big actors in the sector we’ve been able to conduct a research paper on common key-related challenges.

We found that over 120 hours of work (around 95 of which are just driving) and key distribution can be cut annually per property — if real estate companies implement digital locks and mobile keys.

When keys are administered and distributed in a mobile access system such as Unloc, it’s quick and easy. No physical sharing, collecting or replacing is required. The property manager can choose to be notified when a shared key is being used. For example, you get a notification when a plumber arrives and leaves after their job is done. No more waiting for them to finish up at the property. Share a key as easy as sending a text message. This makes key management as efficient as possible for all parties involved — so you can spend time on other important work!

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