Crazy British interest in the Norwegian technology company Unloc — 149,000 homes can use mobile keys

Veronica Borg
Marketing Manager

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March 13, 2023
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Unloc is positioning itself in the UK, and is now entering partnerships with seven housing providers with a goal of offering mobile keys to 149,000 homes.

British housing providers are ready to build a digital infrastructure for mobile keys. On the team, they invite the Norwegian technology company Unloc, who’s currently experiencing an enormous demand for mobile keys. Together with some of the UK's largest real estate players, Unloc will offer mobile keys to 149,000 homes.

Seeking help from Norwegian Unloc

With Unloc's open platform for administration and use of keys on mobile phones, they have since their inception in 2017 established themselves as a standard within mobile key technology — through collaboration with some of the Nordic region's largest players in real estate, logistics, welfare technology and more.

In recent years, Unloc has experienced an enormous demand for mobile keys in Scandinavia, and has entered into several major partnerships with actors in Sweden and Denmark. Now, several of the largest housing providers in the UK are also queuing up to get started with mobile keys — with the help from Unloc.

— We’re seeing an absolutely huge demand for mobile keys, says Kris Riise, Founder CEO of Unloc.

Positioning itself in the UK

British real estate players have opened their eyes to the enormous benefits that come with mobile keys, and Unloc is in constant dialogue with housing providers around the country. Unloc is currently running pilot projects with some of the UK's largest housing providers, such as Notting Hill Genesis and Yorkshire Housing to name a few.

— There are so many benefits to mobile keys, and people are really starting to see it. We’re getting so much demand from housing providers around the UK that we struggle to have the capacity to run all the pilot projects. We’re sending down an entire tag team from Norway to handle all the demand. This is very exciting, says Riise.

Loreburn Housing Association is another housing provider currently working with Unloc to pilot digitally enabling their communal doors, allowing their customers to access their building via the Unloc app on their phone.

— For us as a business we are curious to see how much time can be saved from not having to pass keys around the organisation between colleagues and to contractors. In our agile working environment this is massive for us but also it will help us reduce our carbon footprint by making less journeys, says Gary Alison, Director of Property & Development, Loreburn Housing Association.

Going full force

The pilot projects that Unloc has launched in the UK, includes seven housing providers. The goal is to offer mobile keys to 149,000 homes around the country.

— We’re just getting started, and we see that more and more people are asking for smarter solutions for their real estate companies. We are ready to meet every demand, says Kris Riise, Founder CEO, Unloc.

Company information

About Unloc

Unloc is a Norwegian technology company, with the ambition of building the world's digital keychain. The company develops an innovative software platform for administration and use of keys on the mobile phone. Through integrations with the leading lock providers, Unloc connects any smart locks or access systems available today into one platform and app.  Unloc is the leading producer of mobile key technology for the private- and commercial real estate industry in the Nordics. Since the start in 2017, they have established themselves as a standard in mobile keys through collaboration with some of the Nordic region's largest players in real estate, logistics, welfare technology and more. Unloc makes it easy to share keys just like sending a text message. The company has 40 employees in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and London. Their mission is to simplify people's everyday lives by moving the keychain to the mobile phone. Read more at

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