Kris Riise
Founder CEO

Arkwright has Unloc so their employees don't have to deal with keys.

Case Study
October 4, 2023
minutes reading time
  • Industry: Consulting
  • Users: 50
  • Customer since: 2018
  • Tools used: App + Control center

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Interview with Eleonore Office Manager

"With Unloc the employees can safely open the doors with a simple swipe on their phone." — Eleonore

What is Arkwright?

Arkwright is a strategy advisory firm established in 1987. We have a lot of meetings and workshops, so many people go through our doors daily. I am responsible for everyone who is given access to the premises. With Unloc we have a tool which gives both me and the employees more freedom. The employees can use their phone to open the doors and don’t have to drag around on key cards. This means that we reduce our use of plastic while at the same time preventing unauthorized access. Giving access to people entering the offices is as easy as sending a text message. It’s safer than the system we had before because I get a complete log on when they have stopped by. At the same time I know that the key is automatically deleted after the time frame has ended, so I don’t have to worry about who has access to the office.

How does Unloc help you run your offices more efficiently?

Our employees often forgot or lost their keys. Now they can open the door with the phone they always have with them. They don’t have to rely on me and I don’t have to spend my time dealing with forgotten keys.

Can you describe how Unloc works for your employees and guests?

Unloc is an app that all my employees have on their phone. In the app there are keys to multiple doors, and the employees can choose which one to open. It is done with a simple swipe. In addition, employees can send temporary keys to their guests.

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