6 myths about smart-locks

Meri Sørgaard
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We reveal six common myths and misconceptions about electronic door locks

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March 13, 2023
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Locks are as old as the home itself. The traditional key is indispensable in our pockets or bags – we always keep it with us when we leave our homes. In spite of its simplicity it feels secure and known, so why would you change to an electronic door lock? This is an understandable question to ask. A locked door is the block between your home and the world doutside, and you want to ensure that your home is safe and secure. However, the smart house technology is growing at rapid speed along with proptech requests and demands. Because of this, we want to debunk some of the most common myths about smart locks, so that this can be an easier step to take into the future.

Here are six myths and misconceptions about smart locks:

1. Smart locks do not work during a power failure

Luckily, the answer to this question is “Yes, they do!”. On smart locks intended for private doors there are batteries in the lock, so that you can get in regardless of a power cut/power failure. A physical key placed with a neighbour or family member can be a good thing to have if you should be so unlucky that the battery is also dead ,without having warned you,.  The good thing about a smart lock is that it is optional to use your phone, you are free to use the physical key whenever you want.

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2. It is hard to get started with smart locks

A known challenge with technological progress is the instinctive skepticism around overcomplicating something. However, as with many other things, it is much easier than one would initially think – especially after getting to know the technology. Just consider how integrated mobile payment apps such as Vipps are in our daily lives. This same principle goes for smart locks – with just the tap of a phone screen you can open your door, with ease and security. And just as easily as you would use Vipps, you can share keys with anyone who might need it.

Many also believe that the installation of smart locks is a time consuming and complicated process. This is also much easier than one would think, many kinds of locks can be installed onto existing cylinders in your door. As soon as the locks is installed on your door, it is simple to start using it with the Unloc-app which you find in the App Store or Google Play. Remember: the physical key will work just as well as before, as the lock is installed on the inside of your door.

3. You will lock yourself into one provider

There are many smart locks providers on the market, all with their own systems and solutions. Some of these products will lock you into one provider. If you wish to avoid this then locks which integrate with Unloc could be the solution for you, as Unloc is integrated with a range of different solutions for access control and lock systems. This solution allows customers to choose the lock systems which best solve their problem, without having to worry about committing to just one provider or one proprietary solution. Gathering existing and new systems in one, single platform give customers the opportunity of having their own digital keychain. This significantly increases simplicity and user friendliness. With the Unloc-app in their phone, customers can unlock their apartment, the common door and the padlock on the shed – all from one, single app!

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4. Smart locks are large and lack design

It might be easy to think that electronic door locks are large and ruin the interior of your home, but in terms of design there is an array of different options. Unloc works with many different providers of electronic locks, who offer many different designs. Some of the newer and most popular models being Danalock V3 and Duo Smart lock.

5. If something is to happen to my phone I will lose access to my smart lock!

Even if you are so unlucky as to lose your phone, no, this does not mean you lose your key. This is probably one of the bigger benefits of a smart lock. The key-app is connected to your phone number and you will get access as soon as you log in on another or new phone. A tip is to share a permanent key in the Unloc-app with a family member or close neighbour, so that they can let you in if you unfortunately lost your phone. And of course: You can have a physical key as a reserve while you wait for a new phone and sim card.

In terms of security, it might be good to know that you cannot be logged into the Unloc-app from two different phones at the same time. When you get the new phone and sim card and download and log into the Unloc-app, the other phone will automatically be logged out. In addition to this you can add face recognition in the Unloc-app, as an added safety feature. This means only you can open the app on your phone. No burglars around here! You can read more about security.

6. Smart locks are not worth the investment

Many are under the impression that modern technology is expensive to install. It most definitely does not have to be. You can save a lot by installing a smart lock. It is not necessary to go for the most expensive models, however, it is important to keep the bigger cost-picture in mind. Once your smart lock is installed you will not have to cut key copies to those who need access, and you do not have to worry about changing locks if keys go missing. The costs and time we spent on cutting keys for our children, tenants or cleaners will be saved. And last but not least – you will not have to hide or look for a key outside, ever again.

How can a smart lock enrich your life?

A lock can be so much more than an obstacle for a burglar. You will no longer have to worry about the door not being locked when you're not at home, with a smart lock. You will no longer have to hide keys for tenants in strange places, or wonder whether the tenant ultimately gave it back. With a smart lock and with the Unloc-app on your phone, it is easy for you to let the guest in without getting off the couch, or letting in the cleaner while you're at the office. And ultimately, you will never have to search for missing keys again!

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