Use of browser cookies on our website

In summary

In order to provide our website visitors with the best possible experience we use browser cookies. Cookies are small text files stored by your browser on your computer. You can at any time disable this in your browser settings.


We use cookies to collect statistics on the usage of our site in order to gain insight into how we may improve the service. We obtain information on which pages and services that are used, where the users are from, time spent on the pages, how the users navigate on the pages, etc.


When you use our chat option this is done via a service called Intercom. Intercom uses cookies to find your conversation when you reenter our website. If you turn off cookies you can still chat with us, but you will not be able to recover your session.

Control center

We’re using cookies when you sign in. Therefore you need to have cookies enabled if you're going to use the Control Center.

Your browser settings

You can refuse all cookies in your browser settings. Alternatively you can instruct your browser to notify you when receiving a cookie. You will then have the option to accept or reject.