Unloc for apartment co-ops

Mobile keys for housing associations

With Unloc, it is now possible for apartment buildings to get a unified, keyless solution to all doors, regardless of the existing lock or access solution.

Through mobile keys, Unloc simplifies the lives of residents and helps residential boards achieve a more secure, flexible and cost-saving access solution.

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One app for all doors and keys

Entrance doors, garage gates, bike sheds, laundry rooms and even mailboxes.

The Unloc app is free to use for the residents and is very easy to use. As a board member, you are in control of who has access to what common doors through our control panel.


The Unloc app and Control Center

Easy access management

Use the Control Center to keep track of everyone who has access to the building. Accesses are continuously updated, which means that you no longer have to worry about keys that are lost. Removing access is as easy as giving access.

Get an overview of use and sharing. The Control Center gives you an overview at all times of who has access to the building, who has shared keys, and how often the keys are used.

Mobile access solution

Share keys with your phone

With Unloc, mobile keys can be shared and used — with a tap on your phone.

How to open doors and share keys

Benefits of enabling Unloc
to your access solution

Success Story

Housing Association Moafjæra 6

Housing Association Moafjæra 6 saved 78 hours of board work with mobile keys. TOBB Nøkkelen, powered by Unloc, gave the board the flexibility of sharing keys as easy as sending a text message. The housing co-op also saved high costs related to handling keys and access.

Read more about the experience of Board Chairman Atle Busch and the rest of the residents.

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Unloc connects with a range of
different access solutions and administration tools


Unloc-compatible locks and access solutions

One of the benefits with Unloc is that we work with different hardware so that you can choose the system that works best for your purpose and budget. With Unloc, the main doors, garage doors, padlocks and mailboxes can be opened in one app — and administered in the same web application.

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How do I get started?

It’s easy and affordable to get Unloc in your housing co-op.

  1. Unloc-enabled hardware is installed.
  2. Get the appropriate administration tool set up, and share keys with residents.
  3. Download the Unloc-app, and you’re ready to open doors!
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