Unloc for property owners

Mobile keys for your properties

Unloc enables property owners to cut costs and increase efficiency of their operations, while achieving their sustainability goals.

Unloc is the neutral platform that unifies the various digital locks and access control solutions — allowing property owners to manage access to their buildings in their existing property management system, and via their phone.

Open all doors

One keyless solution for all doors

Unloc works on all types of locks; entrance doors, garage gates, bike sheds, laundry rooms and even mailboxes.

Let your tenants have a modern and simple solution for accessing their home. As an administrator, you have a full overview of who has access to which doors, through your existing management tool.

Benefits of integrating Unloc to your access solution

Unloc is the API-first smart lock aggregator

Compatible property management tools

Everything in one place

Unloc enables property owners to consolidate everything into one system. No more static excel lists; get a true overview of keys in circulation and manage access to tenants and personell from your desktop or phone. Automate everything that has to do with keys.

Unloc can be integrated into existing property management systems or used as is out-of-the box.

Compatible locks and access solutions

Choose freely from market leading locks

No more vendor lock-ins. Unloc partner with the market-leading lock manufacturers, so that you can mix and match the hardware of your liking and still be able to unify and manage access to all your buildings from one, user-friendly application.

See compatible hardware

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