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Unloc is the neutral platform that connects different digital access solutions, so that you can administer access to buildings across your entire portfolio and within your preferred property management software.

A platform trusted by market leading businesses

Make work easier

Keyless property management

Regardless of the size of your real estate portfolio, you can easily, through your existing management tool, manage access to all your properties.

How to succeed with digitalization of access for your real estate portfolio

“Unloc gives us a flexible and fast key management solution. In addition, the risk of losing keys is completely eliminated.”

Lars-Petter Pettersen, General Manager Tårnet, Oxer Eiendom

Reduce costs

Efficient key management

Much of the costs and environmental impact is connected to the administration and distribution of physical keys. By using mobile keys, it’s possible to eliminate much of these factors.

Administer access to all your properties digitally from a computer or a phone, and drastically reduce the time, costs and stress related to distributing physical keys.

Everything in one place

Mobile access across all buildings

We support a number of different solutions within access control, calling systems and digital locks — regardless of whether it's an existing solution or you are going to build a new one.

Unloc can easily be connected to existing systems, so you can use mobile keys as a supplement — across all buildings.

Security and control

Increase the safety of your buildings with mobile keys

With mobile keys, you always have control over who has access to your buildings, and can quickly remove access when needed. Distributed mobile keys can not be lost, forgotten or shared without consent.

“Even the elderly who are used to physical keys are very happy. It doesn't matter if you love tech or not, you learn quickly anyway, and that's what makes Unloc so wonderfully user-friendly.”

Michael Martinoux, Operations Manager, Holm Eiendom

“We have three different floors with meeting rooms on each floor. I easily registered all the members and shared access. Now they can use their phone to open our doors. As easy as that!”

Pia Merkesdal, Administration Manager, The Factory Oslo

Customer Case

Arkwright Consulting

By going over to mobile keys, Arkwright Consulting cut costs on access cards, increased the security of their office — and reduced time spent on administrating access to employees, clients, suppliers and visitors.

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