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Housing Associations

Enable residents and boards to use mobile keys on common doors, and make their everyday lives a little more smooth and efficient. With Unloc, you can offer an innovative and highly flexible access solution to your housing cooperatives.

Use Unloc off the shelf, or integrate our digital keys APIs into your existing products and services, while keeping user experience and brand intact.

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A platform trusted by market leading businesses

Value for your end-customers

Save time and be more flexible

A lot of people need access to housing cooperatives on a daily basis. Postmen, maintenance workers, visitors and the babysitter are just a few examples.

With Unloc, you can offer residents and boards in housing co-ops the ability to share temporary mobile keys from their phones, and get notified whenever they are used.

Benefits for residents

Mobile keys can't get lost

Cut costs on administrating keys

Eliminate the board's need for ordering expensive spare keys, fobs and garage openers — and replacing physical locks when keys get lost. Unloc easily connects with a range of different access solutions.

Get in touch with our sales team if you want to estimate your housing cooperative’s yearly budget savings, by going over to mobile keys.

Increased security

A more secure access solution

In contrast to physical keys, mobile keys cannot be lost, stolen or copied. It has to be used from the keyholders' phone.

Enable boards to reduce the number of physical keys in circulation, and to get an overview of who has access to the common doors.


Build your own key concept

Delight and create value for your customers

Integrate mobile keys into your own product, and join the many enterprises that are offering their customers a more flexible, innovative and user-friendly access solution.

Build your own key concept — and create brand awareness, and new revenue streams.

“Our goal is that 80% of apartments we manage will use Unloc within a few years”

Daniel K. Siraj, CEO, OBOS

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