Leave your keys and don't worry about it

Get a smart lock on your door

The Danalock V3 works with Unloc, and can be fitted to most doors. 2500,- with installation.

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After buying the lock

Set time for installation
Download Unloc & Danalock app
The installer will install the lock & set it up on your phone

There's a link in the order confirmation. Book a time with the installer from Luado.

Log in with your phone number in the Unloc app.

Create an account in your Danalock app. The installer will use the Danalock app to set up the lock, before adding it to your Unloc app.

If you live together with someone, you can give them the ability to share keys.

"I can go running without keys"

Obos resident, after getting Unloc on their own door

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