Unloc for Property Management

Get rid of keys. And costs.

"The risk of losing keys is now completely eliminated. So we have both flexibility and control."

Lars-Petter Pettersen

General Manager, Oxer Eiendom

Don't waste time on keys

Efficient operations

Property managers are sick of spending 20 hours and driving 800 km every week, because of keys.

Make life easier for your property managers and operators today.

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Improve building security

No more lost keys

As a property manager, we understand that you need to keep your building and tenants safe. Keys can pose major security threats.

Did you know that 30% of break-ins are done by people with keys?

Take back control today, and know precisely who has access where.

Hello? Anyone home?

Intercom. Reimagined.

Ever wanted to magically open doors for someone?

With Unloc Doorbell you can let people in anytime, from anywhere.

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  • No expensive panels needed
  • No app needed

We help you get rid of keys

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Digitizing access to properties is at the top of everyone's priority list. However, we have learned that many companies don't know where to begin with digitizing access to their portfolio.

As a neutral aggregator of digital locks and mobile keys, we have helped many companies succeed with their digitalization efforts.

Let's explore your opportunities!

One of the Nordic region's largest property owners saved

120 hours
of work reduced annually on handling keys
40 000 km
less driving per year
$ 2900
annual cost savings per site

Get rid of costs. Get rid of keys.

Go keyless today and get immediate ESG and cost saving results.