Unloc for Property Management

Manage access to all your properties in one place.

"The risk of losing keys is now completely eliminated. So we have both flexibility and control."

Lars-Petter Pettersen

General Manager, Oxer Eiendom

Digitize access for the entire portfolio

Simplify your access management

With Unloc's all-in-one access system, you can manage access to all your properties in one system. Streamline processes and eliminate the need for multiple keys and physical locks.

Unloc’s software can be used out of the box or integrated into your existing management softwares to allow automation and ensure secure access to tenants, employees, and contractors with ease.

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Your real estate portfolio has different needs when it comes to access — whether that’s an apartment building, an office building or a parking garage. Manage access to your entire portofolio in one place, with Unloc.

Keyless access to all doors

30% of tenants want to get rid of keys.

Make life easier for your property managers and operators, by getting rid of keys. Manage who has access where and when, wether that's residents, maintenance personnel and others — in real time and straight from the desktop.

Reduce costs and stress related to keys. Streamline operational processes. Increase building security and control.

Streamline your operations

Save time and money by eliminating the need for physical keys.

Provide a more flexible option for managing access to your office, by easily setting up temporary access for visitors or contractors. Grant or revoke access to your office space at any time, from anywhere.

Mobile keys offer a convenient and secure solution for managing access to your office space. Streamline your operations today.

The convenient way to park your car

Your customers are tired of losing their garage door opener.

Offer your customers a convenient solution to access their garages using their smartphones instead, eliminating the need for physical remotes or keys.

Enjoy that extra layer of security — with the phone as a garage remote.

Easy access management

Save time and money on key management and administration, freeing up resources to focus on other areas of your business.

Manage access to your coworking space by creating permissions for specific users or groups.

Set up temporary access for guests or visitors, and revoke their access once their booking is finished.

No more key hassle

Your best customers hate wasting time.

Make life easier for your customers. Getting rid of keys reduces costs and improves the self-serving customer experience.

Enable your sites today.

Don't waste time on keys

Streamline your operations

Are you tired of spending countless hours managing and distributing physical keys to your properties?

With Unloc, property managers and operators can easily grant access to tenants, staff, and contractors without the need for physical keys. Say goodbye to tedious and costly key management and hello to efficient, hassle-free operations.

Instant access with a click of a button.
Spend time on valuable work, not physical keys.
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Put the safety of residents first

Enhance building security with mobile keys

Physical keys, fobs and cards can easily get lost, copied or stolen. Increase the security of your portfolio and provide safer buildings for your staff and tenants with mobile keys.

Mobile keys provide greater control over building access, by allowing you to restrict entry to certain areas or time periods.

Happy customers are good for business

Enhance tenant experience

Mobile keys are one of the most requested solutions from tenants. Increase your tenant satisfaction with simple solutions that make their lives easier and more convenient.

Keep your customers happy by offering modern services.
Facilitate for online shoppers; Offer smooth grocery and package deliveries.
Improve customer retention.

Capture value

Unlock new revenue streams

A great tenant experience which is worth paying for. We help companies provide a service that can generate new revenue streams, and in turn increase the value of the property portfolio.

Help your clients increase the value of the portfolio with a higher Net Operating Income.
Get new revenue streams on your existing managed properties with our revenue share models.
Increase tenant satisfaction and reduce churn.

Uncovering the implications of physical key management

 Collaboration with companies managing several thousand properties combined have uncovered average savings from moving to mobile keys of:
100 hours
of work per site reduced annually on handling keys
2100 km
less driving annually per year
$ 2900
NOK 29 000
DKK 20 000
SEK 29 000
annual cost savings per site

We help you get rid of keys

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Digitizing access to your properties is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in today's digital age. Yet, we know that many property managers don't know where or when to start.

As a neutral aggregator of digital locks and mobile keys, we've helped countless businesses succeed in their digitalisation efforts.

Let us help you explore your options and find the right solution for your needs.

Get rid of costs. Get rid of keys.

Transform your property management with keyless technology and start seeing immediate benefits like improved ESG performance and cost savings. Go keyless today and take the first step towards a more efficient, secure, and sustainable future.