Self-Storage Group is a leading Self Storage provider in Scandinavia with over 170.000 square meters of rentable space.

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City Self Storage

City Self-Storage is SSG’s “urban concept”, targeting the population in Oslo, Viken, Stavanger,  Trondheim, Stockholm and Copenhagen. The strategy is to strengthen the market position in Oslo by establishing more sites at attractive locations in the Greater Oslo area, while at the same time continuing the ongoing cost reduction initiatives and optimising the operations. In the other Scandinavian countries, the goal is to improve operating efficiency at existing facilities through cost reductions, upgrades and increased visibility and market awareness. CSS will however act opportunistically with regards to potential mergers and acquisitions, both with regards to single facilities and other self storage providers with a complementary portfolio of facilities. See

OK Minilager

OK Minilager is a nationwide self storage concept offered in the Norwegian market and the strategy is to continue to increase its presence in all major regions and communities in Norway. The planned expansion will mainly be composed of owned properties, including a combination of purpose‐built facilities and conversion of outdated office buildings, former warehouses, parking garages and retail locations. At the same time OK Minilager will have a strong focus on retaining its position as the most cost‐effective player in the Norwegian market by continuously looking for innovative solutions to increase the customer experience and to increase operating efficiency. See