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Join 130,000 others and get keys on your phone

Ørjan Hansen, board member

"We no longer have to change the locks when people lose keys. Not only do we save a lot of time and worry, but also the cost of changing the locks."

Ørjan Sandvik Hansen

Board member, Håpet 3 borettslag

Trusted by 200+ Scandinavian businesses



One app for all doors

Unloc works on all types of entrance doors, garage gates, bike sheds, laundry rooms, and even mailboxes.

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"80% of our 270,000 managed apartments will use Unloc within a few years"

Daniel K. Siraj


Just use your phone

Have you ever wanted to let someone in, while you had them on the phone? Well, now you can.

No expensive cabling and panels
No name tag changes
No app needed
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Less board work

78 hours saved

Atle Busch and Ragnar Wist, board members of housing cooperative Moafjæra 6, save 78 hours of board work every year.

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Access integrations


It just works

Unloc is fully integrated with more than 30 various locks and access systems.

So that you can choose what you want.

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