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Improve the lives of care recipients and care workers with E-locks and mobile keys


"80% of people want to stay in their own home for as long as possible."

Martin Vik

Head of Digitalization, Halden Municipality

Adapt to a growing demand

Improve everyday lives

With an aging population and a shortage of resources in healthcare, we rely on good technology to meet the growing demand for health care services.

Mobile keys are one of the solutions that can increase the capacity of our healthcare personnel, and improve everyday lives for both care recipients and care workers.

More time for the work that matters

Save time. Save lives.

Care workers shouldn't have to spend precious time handling physical keys and they certainly shouldn’t worry about not being able to access a building when it's critical.

Save time and reduce costs, while making sure that people can always get in when needed.

Save 30 minutes per shift

Remove the hassle of physical key handling and give care workers more time to focus on what matters most.

Respond faster to emergencies

With mobile access solutions, care workers can respond to alarms immediately, without wasting precious time fetching physical keys.

More flexibility, less stress

Mobile access solutions allow care workers to swap routes, shifts, and visits with ease, without the added stress of handing over physical keys.

Push boundaries for how healthcare is delivered

Empowering people to live independently

Support people in their efforts to stay at home for as long as possible, while also providing the extra help they need when conditions change.

Our innovative solutions make it easy to maintain a safe, comfortable life at home, while ensuring that you can always get in when it matters.

Mobile keys cannot be lost and usage is logged, ensuring complete security.
Mobile keys are not just available for health care workers but also other service providers, those who receive care and their close ones.

Open any type of door

The infrastructure

Unloc allows users to use mobile keys to access a variety of electronic locks, including entrance doors, medicine lockers, apartment doors, and garage gates. It also enables access to locks already in use, particularly entrance doors to apartment buildings, which is especially useful for care workers.

Unloc is the Nordics’ leading provider for multi-family homes seeking to enhance security and convenience. This eliminates the need for additional mechanical keys or key safes that may compromise the building's security.

Game-changer for health care

The delivery

We obsess over access and have built what we believe to be the best possible solution for mobile keys. Unloc can be used by itself or integrated into any other system to keep everything in one place.

Together with technology leaders in the healthcare space we deliver truly groundbreaking experiences.

Save lives. Get rid of keys.

Let us help you replace key hassle with some everyday magic.