Electronic Door Lock Smart

Electronic door lock smart (with zigbee lock module)

In addition to the smart lock you a Heimgard hub.

Heimgard Hub

Heimgard Hub is the link in your smart home, and can talk directly to both lights, smart plugs, thermostats, safety sensor and much more at the same time, from thousands of different suppliers

Heimgard Hub Pro

Connect all your smart home devices and have easy control with the Heimgard Hub Pro. The device allows you to control smart home devices from a variety of smart home vendors.

Heimgard Hub 4G

If you lack internet in the cabin, in the boat or caravan, the Heimgard HUB 4G mobile broadband modem and smart house hub is the right choice for you. With Heimgard Hub 4G, you not only get smart homes, but one of the market's roughest mobile broadband modems in one and the same solution.

IP (over internet)

Part of Smart Home system



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