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Intercom, reimagined

We know the hassle with intercoms. That’s why we developed the mobile intercom that lets you open doors with your phone.

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Works for any building

"Now we free everyone from expensive intercom solutions and time-consuming handling of keys. Doorbell is cheaper, easier and smarter."

Jo Hegle Sjøflot
Board Member, Thereses Gate 47 Sameie

"Now we can easily control access to our buildings, manage digital keys in record time and at the same time ensure safe and practical access to our properties."

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Rositsa Ilieva
Chief Operations Manager, Merkantilbygg

"It is important for us to simplify the lives of our tenants. The reason we chose Unloc is due to the technology, and how easy it has been to get our tenants to understand how it works."

Bjørn Bratt-Aanensen
Director of Commercial Real Estate, Selvaag

    Your mobile is all you need

    Grant access on demand

    With Unloc Doorbell, visitors simply scan a QR code next to the door to call who they want to visit. With a single click of a button, you can open the door – it's as simple as that!

    No app needed
    Quick and easy search function
    Remote access control

    How does it work?

    Scan the QR code
    Using their mobile's camera, visitors simply scan the QR code on the sign next to the entrance door.
    Who are you visiting?
    Visitors will see a list of residents or other users on the doorbell, and select the person they’d like to call.
    Who’s there?
    Visitors enter their name to let the person they’re visiting know who’s there.
    Ring the bell
    The visitor starts the call and waits for a response.
    Pick up the call
    The person who’s visited receives a phone call and can open the door (or deny access) – with one single click!

    Real-time administration

    Easily change name tags

    With the Unloc Control Center, you manage doorbells and user lists in real-time and straight from your browser.

    Manage all doorbells in one place
    Bulk upload lists of users
    Create and revoke keys from users
    Try for free
    Try for free

    The benefits of mobile-first

    Why switch systems?

    Many intercom solutions on the market are outdated, fail to function reliably, and are far from future-proof.

    With Unloc Doorbell you get the most advanced features – at a fraction of the price. And with no binding period.



    Remote door opening
    Mobile keys for users on list
    Future features included
    Online user administration
    Fast and easy name search

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